Suffering a workplace injury can be devastating for both the individual and the worker’s family. Luckily, physical therapists can help you drastically reduce your pain and improve your overall quality of life. There are a few additional steps, though, that you need to be aware of if you’ve been injured while at work.


    • Keep a record of everything that happened — As soon as you suffer your injury you might be in intense pain, but you should try your best to document what just transpired. If you can, grab a pad and pen and write down what happened or at least a few bullet points. This will help you down the line.


    • Report the injury — You should report your injury to your workplace’s human resources department immediately, as well. Though you might have to go into a legal battle with your employer, failing to let them know about your injury will cause more harm than good.


    • Call your personal injury lawyer — In order to succeed in court against your employer, you’ll need a qualified personal injury lawyer at your side. Make sure you disclose every single detail of the injury and your job to get the best legal representation possible.


    • Visit a physical therapy center — Professional physical therapists can help with your pain management as you go through life with this injury. Hopefully, you will start feeling better in a matter of weeks or even days, but it might take a little longer. So it’s best to stay in contact with therapy professionals. You have to make sure to stay on top of your physical therapy. Only 35% of therapy patients completely adhere to their physical therapy plans, which is a big mistake.

If you recently suffered a serious workplace injury and want to learn more or speak with a physical therapist about improving your back, neck, or joint pain, give your local Physical Therapist a call right away.