When You Should Head to Urgent Care

You are feeling absolutely miserable with pain and you don’t know if you should go to the ER, and urgent care center, or try to wait it out until the next day. Some people may look up their symptoms or watch a health video online when faced with an urgent medical situation to help figure out what to do. Making the right decision is critical, especially if you don’t have health insurance. How do you know which decision is right for you?… Read More...


Does Your Child Need Glasses? Warning Signs and Solutions

Does your child need eye glasses or contact lenses? Approximately 14 million Americans aged 12 and up are visually impaired, and 11 million of them don’t correct the problem. Here are the warning signs you should look for and what to do if your child can’t (or even can) see clearly.


Warning Signs


From the ages of 2 to 5, a child will still be developing visual abilities. However, you can notice visual impairments even at this early stage.… Read More...