Scalp micropigmentation new york

It’s fair to say that people who have either lost their hair or are losing their hair are pretty desperate to find hair loss solutions that can get it back. In fact, 60% of people balding would rather have more hair than either money or friends, while another 47% are willing to spend their life savings on an advanced hair restoration treatment if it got them their back.

While researchers have yet to discover the perfect hair loss restoration method, there are some hair loss treatments that can definitely help restore the self-confidence that hair loss took away. Namely, scalp pigmentation.

What Is It?

Scalp pigmentation is, basically, the process of having your head tattooed with tiny dots to emulate the look of a buzzed hair cut. It’s the most immediate solution for hair loss currently out there. Patients will notice a big difference in their looks even after just one session.

Does It Hurt?

Scalp pigmentation is different than a normal tattoo in that the needle doesn’t penetrate the skin quite as deep, which means it hurts less than a normal tattoo. That being said, there is a little discomfort. Each person has a different pain threshold. For those who can’t handle as much, the scalp pigmentation practitioner can apply a local anesthetic to make things easier.

Is It Expensive?

This depends on a few factors. First, the cost of scalp pigmentation depends on how big of an area needs to be covered. Naturally, the bigger the hair tattoo, the more expensive it will run. Secondly, it depends on what you consider pricey. Scalp pigmentation isn’t an expense–it’s an investment in your self. Can you really put a price on restoring your self confidence?

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