The flu is a prominent illness that plagues anywhere from 5 to 20% of people each year. The flu season coincides with common cold season, which affects about 1 billion people a year, and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between the flu and the common cold. The common cold can last for a while, and the flu can last for about a week, however there is no cure for the common cold. The flu can be treated and cured so long as it is caught and diagnosed early enough. Visiting an urgent care center can be one of the quickest ways to get treated. Determining the differences between the cold and flu can be hard, but these differences will help you.


A fever with the common cold will typically be gradual and low. When you have the flu the fever is usually more sudden and can be higher causing more sever fever symptoms. Visiting an urgent care center is the only way to ensure that you get a proper diagnosis between the cold and the flu. Colds typically have to run their course, if you choose urgent care clinics for treatments then proper care can be administered if you go soon enough.


The common cold typically features a cough as does the flu, however there are distinct differences which can help you determine which one you probably have. The common cold has a cough that is usually congested and mild, although irritating. The flu has a different cough. The cough that accompanies the flu is more dry and more of a hacking cough. Aside from being annoying a flu cough can interfere with sleep and cause you to feel worse causing a sore chest and sore ribs.


The common cold, while exhibiting symptoms that are not pleasant, are not tiring and don’t wear you out. It can reduce your energy while it runs its course, but you can still function. The flu on the other hand can cause severe fatigue. Fatigue can be so extreme that you feel as though you can’t get out of bed. There is usually no mistaking the extreme fatigue associated with the flu. At the first sign of this symptom it is best to head to your nearest urgent care for quick treatment.


The common cold generally doesn’t cause a headache. The flu, on the other hand causes a severe headache which usually comes on suddenly. This headache is made worse by the extreme coughing associated with the flu. This headache can be relieved with over the counter medicine, but be careful to read all labels to ensure some medicines don’t have the same type of medicine in it.

No one Wants to deal with either the cold of the flu, but early treatment can help reduce the severity and duration of the flu. Early treatment can be vital to significantly reducing symptoms and helping you recover more quickly. Majority of urgent care centers can diagnose and treat the flu to help you recover.