Emf protection for cordless phones

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are everywhere on earth. They are formed by electrically charged objects and have been shown to impact human health. Studies on kids aged eight to 17 and 81 to 91 have shown that short-term exposure to EMF radiation is responsible for headaches, irritability and problems with concentration. While scientists differ on how much protection is required, it is clear that consumers should consider investing in electromagnetic protection products to protect themselves and their families.

Ways to Block EMF

  1. Educate yourself and learn about EMF dangers. A lot of the problematic EMF radiation originates in our homes from our appliances ? even small appliances ? and devices. It is important to learn which types are present in a home so that you can shield your family and protect children from EMF. There are two kinds of EMF; radio frequency and low frequency radiation. You can purchase an EMF radiation sensor to determine the risk is is posing to you and your family. Knowledge is power and this is one way to gage the efficacy of any electromagnetic protection products you use.
  2. Stay away from the sources of EMF radiation. Most EMF radiation dissipates with distance so putting some between you and the source is always a good idea. When you can, keep at least three feel away from your electrical appliances. This may not always be possible but this is one instance where every little bit helps.
  3. Turn off appliances when they are not being used. If you are not using a device or appliance, turn it off! This is good for your wallet and the environment, too. When your devices and appliances are not on, they cannot produce EMF radiation. This cannot be done with all of your appliances, you do not want to turn off your refrigerator, for instance, but the microwave can be unplugged. The same is true for your Wifi router and other items. One good habit to get into is to just shut everything off when you go to bed at night.
  4. Plug in your phones. Wired phones do not produce the radiation that cell phones or cordless phones. Cordless phone radiation is produced even when they are not being used. To provide the best EMF protection, your best bet is to have a landline and use a wired phone for it. It is good to have one for emergencies anyway.

Electromagnetic protection products are available for appliances and devices that you cannot live without or turn off. No one is expected to forgo all electronics, who really wants to live without a refrigerator or air conditioner? You can purchase EMF protection jewelry and full body protection. If you are not ready to invest in these items, following the steps outlined here will help ensure your family is protected from EMF dangers.

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