Face laser treatment

Are you thinking about cosmetic procedures to improve complexion and reduce the effects of wrinkles and other facial issues? You may want to consider dermatology procedures such as what is known as the vampire facelift procedure.

What is a vampire facelift? It is called that because it uses a substance that contains the person’s blood, which is the prominent material of the procedure. This substance put back into the face through an injection and is not surgical in nature. One can expect vampire facelift results to continue for about 15 months, typically. One of the benefits to the procedure is that it only takes a few hours or so for the face to recoup from the procedure, by which time any swelling or redness goes down.

There are also other cosmetic procedures that one can get. There are laser treatment and procedures. In 2009 alone, about 176,332 of these procedures were administered for patients who were 40 or older. There are also bioidentical hormones for men.

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