Why Anonymous STD Testing is Crucial

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Finding the perfect health care can be tricky these days. While there are plenty of quality doctors and facilities, health insurance can be a more complex system to navigate. Too many people do not have access to the high quality health care that this, what some would consider to be the most powerful nation in the world, should be able to provide to everyone.

Even those in good health should be able to go in for regular checkups, as life sometimes throws unexpected curveballs, and there are conditions that could easily be overlooked and be allowed to progress unattended to without a regular visit to the doctor.… Read More...

What You Should Know About Urgent Care Centers

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Feeling under the weather? Skip the ER waiting rooms and try visiting urgent care.

The urgent care movement started in the United States in the 1970s. Since then, it’s grown to include many locations around the world. There are over 8,000 urgent care centers in the US alone, and many are located in freestanding buildings, not hospitals. Around three million patients visit these urgent care centers each week.

What is Urgent Care?

Traditionally, urgent care centers are designed to lighten traffic to overcrowded emergency rooms by treating non-life threatening injuries and illnesses.… Read More...