Ionised water

We have all probably heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” No doubt, many of us take it to heart by trying to eat healthier. However, few of us pay attention to what we drink with nearly the same zeal. But what if you could dramatically improve your health simply by changing the kind of water you drink?

That is the exact idea behind alkaline water. Alkaline water, also called ionized water, is water which has a more basic pH level than regular water. It is believed that by drinking less acidic water, you can improve your health. Just like normal water, alkaline water is safe for adults, as well as children. Alkaline water, is still water, and has no chemicals added to it. However, alkaline water does have special mineral compounds in it that allow for more detoxification, and a higher hydration level than regular water.

Alkaline water benefits include helping to relieve the symptoms of dry skin, and fungal growth, and also acne. It may also improve bone health, heart health, and brain health. Alkaline water is already regularly used in the food industry to sanitize food products, and remove harmful bacteria.

There are two ways you can add alkalinity to your water. The first way is to buy pH booster drops and add them to your water. However, a much simpler way is to buy alkaline water ionizers. Alkaline water ionizers work much like regular water filters, except that they alter your water’s pH balance. To learn more about the benefits of alkaline water, search online.