Dss medication

Life is an interesting cycle. If Benjamin Button taught us anything, it is that the very beginning and the very end of our lives have quite a bit in common. It is a beautiful thing, if you think about it, the fact that we come full circle, in a sense. Of course, the sad reality is that not everyone gets the chance to complete that circle of life. Too many lives are unfairly cut short, which makes society’s obsession with youth so strange.

Shouldn’t old age, the evidence of having escaped tragedy, be celebrated? Instead there are too many examples of society shunning the elderly, especially women. While men are celebrated as silver foxes, women are often regarded as past their prime the moment any signs of aging appear. This is especially true in the entertainment industry.

Owning your right to old age

Man or woman, in the celebrity spotlight or not, everyone has the right to age their own way. Everyone is different. People have different genetics, and have lived different experiences, so everyone ages differently. There should not be such a preoccupation with attempting to keep any and all wrinkles at bay, or immediately hide any gray hairs. Be proud of your age. Wear it how you want to. Flaunt your love for life. You have every right to celebrate the fact that you have experienced so many amazing moments on this earth, and you are still breathing, ready to experience more.

Yes, aging can come with health issues that perhaps we would rather do without. But if it all part of the process, why can’t those health issues also be embraced and dealt with in stride, as a supportive community, rather than thrusting each other aside to deal with these things alone? There are logical reasons why some people fear aging. Losing the ability to operate our bodies the way that we once were able to is one of those reasons. Yet even if you end up having to go shopping for diapers for adults, remember to put it all in perspective. You can still enjoy life!

Reusable or disposable bed pads

So perhaps at some point you will develop the need for bed pads for incontinence. It happens. But just because you are dealing with issues you’d rather not doesn’t mean you should give up caring about other important issues. Maybe you are at the point that you need alternate bedding because of your incontinence issues. There are disposable bed pads, which make things quite easy to deal with. But think of all of the disposable things that our species is adding to landfills and oceans. Why use disposable bed pads that will end up in an overflowing landfill when you can opt for reusable underpads? A washable mattress protector might call for a bit more work on your end, but you will be doing your part for the planet.

Whether you are decking out your new walker or getting a bit of help dealing with the washable bed pads for incontinence, remember this: you are alive! And that is absolutely worth celebrating.