Everett urgent care

Are you looking for a doctors walk in clinic? If so, you’re probably aware that these clinics can diagnose and treat a variety of medical issues. Rather than visiting a traditional hospital emergency room for a non-emergency situation, you can receive the medical help you need at a doctors walk in clinic.

Urgent care is a growing field, and currently, 20,000 doctors practice this type of medicine. On a weekly basis, the Urgent Care Association of American has reported that there are approximately 3 million individuals that visit these clinics, 85% of which see patients 7 days a week.

In addition to treating upper respiratory conditions, wounds, and fractures, urgent care facilities can also diagnose and treat chronic pain. For individuals suffering with migraines or joint and lower-back pain, this can make a major difference in alleviating the pain associated with these conditions. Furthermore, many of these facilities also provide physical therapy, occupational health services, and other ongoing treatment options.

When a medical situation is not life-threatening, going to the nearest urgent care clinic can save time as well as money. Traditional hospital emergency visits are more costly even when patients have insurance. Furthermore, the waiting time for non-emergency visits is considerably longer at a hospital than an urgent care facility.

Another benefit of visiting a walk in clinic is that it’s not necessary to make an appointment ahead of time. This makes it even more convenient to receive immediate medical attention. Prospective patients can make appointments in advance, however.

It’s important to note that medical walk in clinics have the best doctors on staff. Since they are trained in urgent care medicine and tend to have other specialties, patients are able to receive the care they need. Furthermore, when a patient does have a condition that requires hospitalization, they will be able to make this determination.

When you have an immediate need for medical attention due to sustaining an injury, being ill, or experiencing chronic pain, a doctors walk in clinic can provide the medical help that you need. If you or a family member are facing a life-threatening injury or illness, then you should go to the hospital.