Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a chiropractor is and how things work when you go see one? Well, there are so many different chiropractors, but they all aim for the same result: having their patients comfortable and realigned.

As this video shows, chiropractors first check to see how things move in your back, checking to see if there is any restricted movement that can be causing pain or too much activity. All joints should have some play to them, but when there is too much movement, it can cause discomfort and pain. A chiropractor’s primary purpose is to realign your spine so that you can move freely without any problems or discomfort.

A chiropractor will move your joints back into place by applying pressure with their hands. Don’t be alarmed when you hear a popping sound or two.

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Those sounds are caused by air pockets between the joints filled with nitrogen gas releasing because when the joint gets moved, those are removed, and the gas is reduced, but it will fill up again in no time.

Having your body realigned by a chiropractor can help release pressure and help you to relax and feel good. It isn’t necessary to use chiropractor services more than twice a year if you make sure to keep up your exercises prescribed by your chiropractor at your first consultation.