Bioshield necklace

We live in a world that is becoming more connected and digitized every minute. The proliferation of smartphones and the penchant to remain connected at all times has resulted in many technological marvels of late, but has also given rise to some unforeseen health hazards. Wireless communication is the current norm, and the more the world adopts means of wireless communication, the more the world becomes irradiated with radiation of many different kinds.

Cell phones, laptops and any device that supports wireless communication use some form of electromagnetic radiation as a means of to and fro communication. This radiation, if absorbed regularly by the human body, can lead to a number of serious health concerns. As people wake up to the problems caused by EMF, a number of companies are busy creating electromagnetic protection products like EMF protection jewelry.

Concerns About EMF Exposure

Studies have revealed that most cell phone users, whose numbers crossed six billion back in 2012, have a scarce idea about the probable health effects of EMF exposure. It has been clinically proven that EMF radiation, even when it is experienced as levels many times lower as standard energies like heat, has the power to harm cells quite efficiently. As an example, a study featuring children up to 17 years of age showed that even with short-term EMF exposure, conditions like irritability, headaches and deficit in concentration can occur rapidly. This is just an indicator of the ills of EMF exposure — something that most of us unwittingly submit to on a daily basis. This highlights the importance of the adoption and regular use of EMF shielding devices, both in our homes and as elements of personal use.

EMF Safety Measures

EMF safety is the paramount concern in many countries currently, and this is where products like EMF protection jewelry come into play. For homes, EMF blockers have found their use in many places and their efficacy has been shown especially in areas close to cell phone towers. EMF protection jewelry, on the other hand, is one of the better ways to protect your body from harmful radiation while outdoors or on the move.

A number of sensitive manufacturers are now creating innovative EMF shielding products which people can use to good effect, and EMF protection jewelry is one such product. These look like standard accessories and can be worn anywhere without problems. Available in many styles and designs, these allow people to steer clear of EMF problems without having to compromise their fashion sensibilities. Coupled with the right shield, these accessories successfully shield users from the ill effects of EMF radiation and prevent the usual symptoms of exposure.

EMF protection jewelry is a product that everyone can use, but its use is especially beneficial for those people who have been medically classified as oversensitive to radiation. People suffering from conditions like ADD and ADHD often experience an upsurge of unpleasant symptoms on account of overexposure to radiation, and products like EMF protection jewelry, coupled with the right shield, can help them avoid emergency situations resulting from unnecessary exposure.

Considering the bigger picture, it can safely be said that EMF shielding products will slowly but surely make their way into more homes as the world skyrockets towards even more thorough use or wireless technologies. For people, it is imperative that they take their protection and health seriously and step in now to find a decisive way to avoid any unpleasant side-effects.