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No one likes to feel under the weather, no one. It seems that in terms of feeling under the weather, when it rains it usually pours. Just think, how many times have you been sick when suddenly another symptom decides to suddenly reveal itself?

The kind of “weather” you’re experiencing will determine when and where to seek the appropriate medical care. Most people may be inclined to first seek treatment from their primary care provider or physician, however, that’s not always the best treatment option.

Primary care physicians are focused on the general, overall health of a patient, in addition to treating chronic and long term health condition such arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and more. In addition, they may even recommend you to a specialist for these conditions or and others if it extends beyond their scope of expertise or treatment.

Sure, primary care providers are equipped to treat many if not all of the same conditions and illnesses as urgent care clinics, however, their rigid hours of operation and difficulty in scheduling appointments can make it hard to see a doctor when you need to. Urgent care clinics on the other hand, provide affordable, convenient, and quality care for illnesses and conditions that require immediate medical attention but aren’t severe enough to be considered an emergency.

The majority of urgent care centers allow patients to be seen and treated in under an hour, all without an appointment. This fact alone has allowed them to become and integral part of the American healthcare system by closing the gap between hospital emergency departments and primary care providers.

As urgent care facilities continue to increase in popularity, many have naturally expanded the range of services offered. In fact, the majority — 70% — of urgent care centers are equipped to administer intravenous (IV) fluids if necessary.

So next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather and are longing for sunnier days, visit your local urgent care clinic for treatment.