Lasik minneapolis

If you’re looking for a good Minneapolis LASIK provider, there are many excellent options to choose from throughout the metro area. Since the patent for LASIK surgery was granted in 1989, this surgery to correct ones vision has become one of the most frequently performed surgeries of any kind in the US. More specifically, LASIK surgery Minneapolis doctors can provide corrects both nearsightedness and farsightedness as well as astigmatism, and the surgery is performed via a microkeratome or femtosecond laser that cuts a thin flap in the cornea to correct any underlying deficiencies.

While LASIK Minneapolis based providers generally are quite good at what they do, any Minneapolis lasik provider worth their salt will tell you that as with any surgery, there are some possible side effects. In this case, you may experience halos, dry eye, problems driving at night, and starbursts for a period of time. A good Minneapolis LASIK provider should be able to explain all of the potential risks and rewards to you clearly and neutrally, while addressing any specific problems that you may have.

The Whiting Clinic is a great provider of laser eye surgery Minneapolis has to offer in this vein, and the clinic itself accepts FSA and HSA account monies in order to help you cut the cost of this surgery by up to 30 percent . Lasik eye surgery minneapolis has to offer need not be outrageously expensive, so feel free to speak to your health insurance administrator and the staff at the Whiting Clinic alike to determine how best to afford this procedure. Make sure that your expectations and budget for any Minneapolis LASIK provider are realistic, and come up with a realistic and workable plan that can yield enough money to correct your vision within a reasonable amount of time. If all goes well, your Lasik eye surgery mn provider of choice should be able to have your vision corrected beautifully in no time, and you can say good bye to glasses and contacts forever!