Glaucoma is a common problem seen in the eyes of people as we age. If you have glaucoma there are a few different treatment options. In this article, we are going to discuss glaucoma treatment options.

The first glaucoma treatment that we are going to talk about is eye drops. Your doctor may prescribe you certain eye drops that you will have to use a couple of times a day.

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There are a few different kinds of eye drops that you can use for glaucoma, and it will just depend on how severe of a case you have.

If eye drops are not the glaucoma treatment that you will receive, you may have a laser treatment done. The laser treatment is a longer-lasting fix, however, it will require you to return and have the procedure again after a few years.

Finally, the last treatment option is surgery. The surgery is usually reserved for people who are unable to get the first two options. Your eye doctor may be able to perform it, or they will recommend someone who can.

Glaucoma treatment depends on the individual cases. This means that different people are going to require different solutions. Although there are different solutions, this was a basic overview of the options.