The development of digital technology through the enhancement of portable electronics has revolutionized how medical patients act in doctor’s offices. With the assistance of digital devices, companies like Forward deliver health care and routine checkups in innovative ways. In digitally-enhanced doctor’s offices, a routine check-up may start with logging into a tablet.

Then, people will place their fingers on a digital sensor, so computers can detect their heartbeat and learn information about their pulse. From there, health information will be directly sent to their phone through a specialized health app and their doctor, who will further examine them through other computer programs.

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Processes like drawing blood are simplified by using newly created infrared devices to find the location of a person’s veins. Computer programs, along with a person’s doctor’s wisdom, will then analyze the blood results and develop plans to help their patient stay healthy and prevent unnecessary health scares.

While only some people can have a medical experience like this now, it will likely be the case that this will be a normal doctor office experience in the next 25 years.