Correcting oral problems, like impacted or misaligned teeth tend to be best-taken care of when the patient is younger. Growing jaws can exacerbate existing problems, and make things more difficult to treat down the road. It can be difficult to find affordable braces since orthopedic work tends to be quite expensive. Finding a good orthodontist can be a challenge as well. And unfortunately, there are social issues kids can run into with getting braces.

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Invisalign has been growing in popularity over the last few years for these reasons and more. People like the idea of invisible braces as a subtler alternative. There are also usually payment plans in place for people who need financial assistance. People have cited the mouthguard-like shape to be more comfortable and easier to clean than the stud and wire setup.

What someone decides to choose is completely up to their budget and preference at the end of the day, so it’s important to do your own research. Exploring experiences others have had can be a great source of information, and a look into the daily truths of each experience. Speaking directly to a specialist is good to do as well since they could have recommendations based on someone’s life and needs. All of these factors together can lend to a well-informed decision on something that will be very present in your life for a while.