Staying healthy is everyone’s desire. No one wants to be admitted to a hospital for health-related complications, like obesity, heart attacks, blood pressure etc. But do you know staying healthy comes with a price; exercise?

Why Some People Don’t Exercise

Most people would want to do exercise to keep fit and be healthy, but the long and tiresome workouts instill fear in them, ending up not doing exercises. And in some cases, doing outdoor exercises may seem difficult due to a particular area, whereas in other places it’s not hard.

Starting an exercise routine is simple. But the persistence needed keeps many away.

Did you know there are simple tasks you can do to stay healthy? Below are simple things you can do to get yourself moving with a healthy life.

8 Tasks to Keep You Healthy

A healthy body keeps you away from unwanted hospital bills. Whereas going to the gym may require a lot of logistics, time, expenses, etc, there are daily activities that you can perform which can double up as good exercise for your body.

An adult is required to do moderate activities, 150 minutes per week. When getting into exercise, avoid jumping into or starting multiple tasks at once, like jogging, introducing a new diet, and hitting the gym. This may demoralize you early due to extreme body workouts. Start moderately to give your body time to recover. For example, start with jogging and have 2-3 days of rest.

Some benefits of doing activities that will get you moving include;

  • Reduce the risk of heart attack
  • Help in managing your weight
  • Make both the muscles and bones stinger
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help in improving health for the longer term
  • Help you relax
  • Improved cholesterol


Repair Your Roof

There is no specific formula for exercising. You need to be creative to get your body active. In the absence of a gym and its tools, you don’t have to surrender the whole concept of doing exercises.

There are plenty of activities you can do to get yourself moving. For instance, when you are having roofers to either maintain or repair the roof of your house, you can join them in this task. This is an activity that entails a lot of body activities that would be beneficial to your body. In it, there is stretching, and this you can do when handing over an item to one of them, who is on top of the roof. You can position yourself a little bit lower so that you can stretch when handing over. You can lift various tools or equipment, and you’ll be working your muscles.

Walk to reach a particular item needed. Doing these simple tasks that don’t necessarily require expertise will be good exercise for your body. A simple task like carrying shingles or the underpayment to the rooftop, carefully walking at the roof as you give a hand in removing old or damaged shingles, is just an example of getting your body active. All these are good exercises that will get you moving just like anyone in the gym.


Repair Your Trailer

Another good way of body exercise that would help in staying healthy is getting down to repair that trailer waiting for a mechanic. If you have the experience, or you simply love automobiles, you can also find a garage around and assist in trailer repairs. Some of the repairs entail the replacement of doors, brakes, tires, liftgates, suspension valves, etc.

The repair would get your body bending, squatting, stretching, and lifting tools. All these activities will be beneficial to your body. You don’t need to love specific activities for the tasks to be effective for your body. As long as they get you active and make you feel good, they’re beneficial to your body. Next time you come across a trailer undergoing some repair, get yourself moving and join in, and your pay will be those good body activities that will leave you fit and healthy.

Repair Your Boiler

When your boiler is well maintained, you are guaranteed your house is kept warm with hot water. But sometimes they can develop problems and require a boiler repair service. The maintenance and repair you do offer a good opportunity for body activities. Activities such as tightening the nuts, painting, and scrubbing help in stretching your body and strengthening muscles. The hours you spend both standing and walking around it are good exercise for your back and legs. The lifting of tools for the repair work can act as weightlifting. You can do this by repeatedly lifting the tool before using or returning it.

Cleaning the inside of the boiler is also a good exercise task to get yourself moving in body fitness. It doubles up as cleaning and having your body exercise in the process.

Visit Your Dentist

Many people would concentrate on general body health and overlook oral health. One of the good tasks for your health is visiting orthodontists office or dentists for check-ups and any treatment needed. You may wonder what the connection is between bodily exercise and visiting your dentist. Well, both oral health and overall body health go hand in hand.

Good oral health will help a lot to keep away risks of heart diseases like heart attack, pregnancy, and diabetes. It also helps in mental fitness. When the bacteria in the mouth get out of hand, they can penetrate the bloodstream and will be transported to other parts of the body, causing problems.

Some oral fitness routines to follow include;

  • Brushing at least twice per day
  • Flossing daily
  • Taking a lot of water and rinsing your mouth
  • Reducing sugar intake
  • Chewing mint, which helps in putting saliva in the mouth

After getting the body of your life from months of exercise, you don’t want your mouth to ruin your overall appearance. Or what will it look like, a good healthy body, but mouth-related complications like bad breath, tooth decay, pain etc?

A few advantages of visiting the dentist include;

  • Early detection of cavities
  • Early detection of oral cancer
  • Education on oral health

Therefore, get yourself moving in your tasks, and visit a dentist several times a year. Also, as part of the tasks of exercise, you may walk to your dentist, either from your home if not very far, or park your car far away and walk to the dentist’s office. When using public transport, you could as well alight some distance away and start walking.

Go Swimming

One of the best exercises is swimming. This is because the whole body is involved in this great activity. Swimming is one task you can do as a family. So, when you are pressed with obstacles that make your exercise difficult, an issue like family demands or work pressure, you can organize a family out to swim. This will offer a great opportunity for exercise. Besides it being a fun and recreational activity, it is good for body fitness and health. The common swimming styles are;

  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Sidestroke
  • Freestyle
  • Butterfly

Some of the benefits of swimming are;

  • Keeps the heart rate up
  • Takes away stress
  • The muscles gain strength
  • It is relaxing
  • Improved coordination

All the body muscles are involved in the workout. After swimming, get yourself moving and use pool covers to prevent evaporation from occurring in the pool. When spreading them, it will also be good exercise. It helps in stretching your body.

Go Biking

Are you wondering how you can exercise while traveling, or going to work? Sometimes, getting enough time to work out can be a challenge. Get yourself moving in this case, by cycling. This comes in handy. You can cycle to work, store, visit a friend/relative, or simply do it for exercise purposes.

It is good exercise for your body. You may opt not to use vehicles, especially if the distance is not relatively very far. When cycling, you may start at a slow pace, then gradually increase. Biking focuses on your lower body parts – legs and hips. Mountain biking on the other hand, will involve your whole body, as it entails climbing, and the path is rough.

Cycling is generally an aerobic activity. Your lungs, heart, and blood vessels get a good workout as you bike. Some benefits of biking include;

  • Strengthens the heart’s muscles. Also reduces cardiovascular diseases, like heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke
  • You are less exposed to pollution
  • Less injury
  • Doesn’t require much skill
  • Builds strength
  • Builds stamina
  • Blood fat level is reduced

There are also electric bikes to rent, which can help a lot in this exercise. These bikes are popular for being both easy and fast and can go further. Some people were skeptical about whether these electric bikes are good for exercise. It has been proved that, indeed, they help a lot in giving your body good exercise. Most mountain climbers prefer using them.

The use of an electric bike can be fun and easy, making you love cycling more, and in the process, you will have exercised more. Generally, people who opt to cycle to various destinations are much fitter than the ones using vehicles.

Go Golfing

A lot of people view golfing as a passive activity, one that doesn’t benefit the body. This is why many people find it hard to classify it as a sport. With the golf cart rentals around to offer their services, one may become lazy and opt to use them, being carried by them from one point to another.

On the contrary, golfing is and can be, one of the best exercises for your body. The golfing sport is played on vast grounds that are mostly not flat. You can opt not to use the golf carts and instead walk. Walking will increase cardiovascular exercise. The walk is good exercise.

The balancing done by golfers helps the mind to be focused. Ultimately, the brain will end up being fit and working well for a long time. And carrying or pulling the club and bags when moving around the field, and hitting the ball, is equally good exercise, which will get yourself moving on the right path health-wise.

Some benefits of going golf include;

  • You get to stay fit
  • Improves muscles and causes endurance
  • You get to lose weight
  • Reduces stress
  • You get to interact with friends

Cut Down Some Trees

Most people, when cutting down trees, will go for mechanical methods, because it’s both easy and fast and less injurious. But have you considered the advantage of cutting down the tree yourself!? Try doing so, especially if you are to fall a few trees.

By cutting down some trees, you will get yourself moving in the right direction for the best exercise. That’s because this task involves multiple muscles. When cutting down a tree, and even further chopping it into firewood, or smaller logs, you give yourself good cardio exercise.

The consistent swinging of the axe, up and down, helps raise heart rate as well as burn calories.

When you coordinate and maintain your body position for hitting one spot severally, this helps in training your mind to be focused, and this helps in mental wellness as well. The whole process of cutting down a tree, has many parts and muscles of your body exercised, like the arm, legs hip, back, butt, chest, etc.

Next time, when you have a tree you want to cut down, rather than out a tree service company, tree removal contractor, or using your machine, go manual and reach for your axe, and cut the tree. You will love the results, which will be good body fitness, hence a healthy body.

Finally, having a reason for your exercise will determine whether you will continue or not. Such reasons include reducing stress, making friends, an increase in energy, etc. Staying healthy is good. Doing exercises is vital. But when hitting that gym becomes a nightmare, don’t be disappointed, or surrender. Simply apply these tasks, and you will get yourself moving towards a healthier life, with a fit body and a good smile.