In the attached video, the reporter explores soft tissue methods to ease shoulder pain, particularly concentrating on the posterior shoulder area. The best massage techniques involve working around the lower traps, rhomboids, and upper traps, serving as an effective warm-up for patients. The reporter emphasizes paying special attention to tender points over the infraspinatus, located on the back of the scapula below the spine.

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Moving lower towards the armpit, the teres major and latissimus dorsi can be targeted as well.

Continuing with the soft tissue techniques, the reporter introduces the scapular lift technique. This involves placing the patient’s arm behind their back to internally rotate the shoulder, allowing for work underneath the border of the scapula. For mobile patients, lifting the scapula provides an opportunity for effective soft tissue mobilization.

Lastly, the reporter discusses the use of fascial cups for soft tissue mobilization and decompression. Unlike using thumbs, the cups offer a firm grip without associated pressure, providing therapeutic benefits for the patient. The reporter advises against leaving the cups on for an extended period, suggesting a limit of no longer than a minute to prevent red circles on the skin. Fortunately, in the case presented, the marks from using the cups are fading quickly, showcasing the temporary nature of their effects.