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Throughout history people have been more concerned about their dental work than modern people think they were. The Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks employed a variety of teeth cleaning methods to care for their teeth; and few people know that the first tooth brush was invented during the eighteenth century by an inmate in a British jail. The name of the inmate was William Addis and he fashioned his invention from animal bone and the bristly hair of swine. However, dental health remained a common problem for those who lived prior to the inventions and techniques employed by employed by modern Boise dentists.

One of the more prominent myths surrounding early American dentistry had to do with George Washington. Americans have long believed that George Washington had false dentures constructed from wood. While Washington did have false teeth, they were actually made from a combination of human and animal teeth, gold, lead, and ivory. Fortunately for modern Americans, a Boise ID dentist possesses tools that allow modern patients to pass on such methods. Dentists in boise idaho have access to the most cutting edge dentistry tools and techniques and can help almost anyone to achieve a sparkling white smile.

Surprisingly, even with the skills of Boise dentists, tooth decay is still the second most common disease in America. However, this is not any reflection on a dentist in Boise, but a reflection on the poor dental care habits and sugary diets of Americans. The dental needs of individuals are as unique as their fingerprints and tongue prints; some have so called soft teeth that demand strict dental care to remain healthy, while others have durable teeth. Regardless, Boise dentists suggest that everyone floss, brush, and gurgle at least three times per day. However, it is also possible for people to brush too frequently or too heavily, which can wear away the enamel of teeth. Whatever your dental needs, Boise dentists offer the best services to meet those needs.

For those who want to keep their own teeth for their entire lifetimes, Boise dentists can provide the dental care to make that possible. While Boise dentists cannot be there to clean your teeth everyday, they can provide patients with the care and advice that will minimize their need for fillings, extractions, or replacements. For those who are in need of such services, Boise dentists can provide tooth repair services that are almost natural looking. Get more on this here: