Male pattern baldness is a large issue in the United States, even with over 60% of them facing some sort of hair loss by the age of 35. Those numbers increase by the age of 50 to about 85%, and even more from there. Men so commonly face thinning hair and balding that it becomes a sensitive issue of self-consciousness.

The Decision to Have the FUE Hair Transplant

Deciding to have any surgical procedure can be difficult, especially if it is not medically necessary. Considering the fact that hair can be lost without losing your life, this can be considered a cosmetic procedure. While most men assume that they will need to shave their head or simply go bald upon facing hair loss, there is much to consider when facing the FUE hair transplant.

The FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

An eight-hour procedure, FUE transplant is much more detailed than any of the follicle replacement or other hair procedures of the past. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, where individual grafts of hair follicles are collected for hair replacement. Grafts are simply small groups of up to four hairs in their natural place on the scalp. A tiny punch extracts each graft at all ranging from .7 to one millimeter. Grafts are then transplanted to help provide a fuller looking head of hair.

Healing and Recovery from FUE Transplant

The full healing time after the FUE procedure usually depends upon the patient’s skin type, but other situations can arise that can extend the process. It usually takes only a matter of days for the grafts to take, but a little more time is needed for the scalp to heal fully. Sometimes there will be scars and redness can last for several days. However, the FUE hair transplant is much more permanent than all those sprays or prescriptions or other solutions that are presented to the balding men of our nation.

With hair loss as a predominant issue among American men, there is always the need for a long-term solution. Whether you are well-prepared for the FUE procedure and its healing process is another question, but it is definitely a possibility to consider if you are uncomfortable with baldness or thinning hair.