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Most people seek out and find personal trainers in the pursuit of weight loss. These professionals will help guide you through a personal fitness training program so that you can achieve your weight goals. Before signing up, many people wonder exactly how their personal fitness training will help them burn fat and look great. To help you understand how personal fitness training scorches fat, so that you know why you need a personal trainer, here’s a helpful guide!

1. How Does the Body Use Dietary Fuel?

Basically, your body uses two kinds of main sources for fuel: dietary direct fuel, or reserved fuel. The direct fuel is all the carbs, fat, and protein you eat daily for energy use, while the reserves are all the foods eaten in the past that have been stored for future energy usage. Your body will burn through the food you eat during the day first, and then it will burn through the stored energy reserves. That means that in order to maximize weight loss, you’ve got to make sure that your body only burns the reserved fuel when you exercise.

2. But How Do You Burn Only Body Fat and Not Muscle?

The key is that if you muscles only need protein to grow and heal, then your body will only burn fat. That means eating only protein, prepping your muscles for protein through personal fitness training, and melting that body fat. Basically, you eat the protein your body needs, then you go and do about 30 minutes of weight training or personal fitness training (anymore and your body will start to burn muscles), and then do about 30 minutes of low-intensity cardio, which will burn body fat!

You can read more about personal fitness training programs on personal trainer websites. If you have any questions about personal fitness training, feel free to ask in the comments!

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