Hormone treatment clinics

As both men and women age, their hormone levels start to fluctuate and diminish. Low testosterone clinics around the world have opened up to help men deal this issue. The problem is many of the things people expect to experience as they age can actually be signs of low testosterone levels. Testosterone Talksandnbsp;has put together a list of some of the symptoms men may experience:

  • A reduction in libido: This is one of the most well-known side effects of this that sends men to low testosterone centers. It has been said that low testosterone or low t has a similar effect in women. Men with low t just do not have the sex drive they once had.
  • Problems with erectile dysfunction: This is another of the more well-known symptoms that makes men go to low testosterone clinics. It seems that there is no part of the sex life that cannot be hurt by low t. This is one of the most well know and most feared of the low t symptoms but it is also one of the most treatable so there is no reason to not seek out treatment.
  • Weight gain especially in the stomach area: As the level of testosterone in a man’s body falls, the amount of estrogen goes up. Men with low t may notice they gain weight in the abdomen. One of the things estrogen is responsible for is the body’s ability to hold onto fat. This is especially true in stomachs.
  • Lower energy level caused by anemia: One of the functions of testosterone is the production of red blood cells (RBC). RBCs deliver oxygen to all of the tissues in the body and bring carbon dioxide away from them. Oxygen is needed for energy and life. People with lower levels of RBCs have lower energy levels.
  • Reduced muscle size and muscle growth: Muscle growth depends, to an extent, on testosterone. Men who experience this symptom of low t do head to low testosterone clinics. It is not recommended to just work out more to make up for the slower muscle growth as that is not answer to the problem.
  • Hair loss on the body: As boys enter puberty, the amount of hair on their body increases. The main reason for the increase in body hair is due to the increase in testosterone in the body. As the level of this hormone drops, the amount of hair on the body decreases. Men with beards often notice changes there at this time.
  • An inability to sleep: Millions of people, all over the planet, suffer from an inability to sleep or insomnia. While there are a large number of causes of insomnia from sleep apnea to stress, low t can be to blame. Sleep is very important to overall health and insomnia has been linked to an increased chance to experience a stroke, heart disease and diabetes type 2.
  • Decrease in bone density: This is something similar to what women experience as they age. Low t can have a similar outcome, that being the development of osteoporosis. It is important to see a physician or seek out care at a low testosterone clinic if a man suspects that he has low t because osteoporosis can be prevented with treatment.
  • An increase in irritability: Men with higher testosterone levels tend to be less irritable than men with lower levels. It should come as no surprise that when a man has a level that is low, the opposite will be true. Men with low t can be very quick to anger.
  • Memory problems: People often associate this with a normal part of the aging process but the truth is that it is also a symptom of low t. If a man starts forgetting things, it might be the time to see the family doctor.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been found to be helpful in both men and women for use as they age. Some of the problems people have when they have low hormone levels. The good news is that there are effective treatments available for men at low testosterone clinics. It is important that men who are concerned about this condition should talk to their doctor. It is not something to try to deal with on their own.