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Growing up as a snorer, we sometimes can feel bad. Lots of people may have problems with our snoring and even the most mature and comfortable of us sometimes worry about what happens when we fall asleep. So, either look for the best full face cpap mask for side sleepers or pray that you hear one of these phrases below. Let’s be honest, we’d all love to hear one of these sentences or two.

  1. You’re a Great Roommate
    Because, let’s not forget that being a loud snorer doesn’t mean that you’re automatically a bad roommate. You could be great at keeping the place clean or amazing at parties.
  2. You Keep Me Warm in Bed
    Don’t take this phrase the wrong way. The way it’s meant is that we often want to feel appreciate and getting praise for being a great cuddler is a great way to go.
  3. I Feel Safe When I Sleep With You
    The same goes for if we want our lover to appreciate us being another body to keep the house safe and sound. If you’re boyfriend/girlfriend is saying this, feel proud that you make him or her feel secure.
  4. My Roommate Say They Love When You Stay Over
    How many of us have had to deal with nasty roommates? It’s even worse when the roommates aren’t even yours! But if you want to spend time with your lover, you’ve got to get in good with the roommates.
  5. I’m Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, I love You No Matter What
    Do we even have to explain this one? Hearing these words may be the best phrases you will ever hear in your life.
  6. I snore Worse Than You
    This is the other best phrase. If someone says this to you, you have to first hug them. Then, suggest a cpap machine, cpap masks, or the best full face cpap mask for side sleepers that could help that person out. In general though, that person is a blessing upon this Earth. Cherish him or her.
  7. I didn’t notice your snoring
    This list is starting to turn into a blessing of its own. Try not to get teary eyed as you hear these words. It’s a relief to not have to worry about your snoring. Even if you thought you weren’t worrying at all.
  8. I Didn’t Notice Your Snoring
    This comment is in the same vein as the last one. Anyone who says this is probably being nice. That said, ignorance is bliss (for you).
  9. I Don’t Care That You Snore
    Marry this person right now. Do it. Because honestly, there are a lot of people who do. There are many people who complain about snoring, so finding someone who simply doesn’t care is like finding the end of a treasure hunt.
  10. Don’t Worry, the Hotel Has Thick Walls
    This works on many levels. The one that’s most appropriate for this list however is the idea that the people staying in rooms next to yours won’t have to deal with the noise.
  11. I Snore Too
    Face it, you’ve just made a new best friend. Whoever said this is someone who understands what it’s like to have roommates and siblings complain about your snoring. But hey, its just a part of who we are. Solidarity my brother.
  12. I’m a Heavy Sleeper
    Caution: this may not be true. That said, if you don find someone who doesn’t wake up easy, it can make for a symbiotic relationship. You two will be like fleas on dogs (don’t ask which one’s the flea).
  13. I Love Sharing A Room with Bro/Sis
    I know, it’s hard not to believe this is a straight up lie. We grow up arguing with our siblings and our snoring is an easy target for them. That said, unless you can get the best full face cpap mask for side sleepers or get them to say this magical phrase, you’re just going to have to tough it out till you move out.

Whether you’re hoping to hear some sweet nothings from a lover or just some praise from a sibling, these phrases all show that we’d all like a nice word or two thrown our way. So, unless you’re interested in getting the best full face cpap mask for side sleepers to help with the snoring, these compliments are the next best mood booster.