The information era is making everything possible to do and find. Thanks to this digital era, one can easily find information on some good practices they can implement to avoid back pains. Many doctors recommend not sitting for long. People who work in offices are predisposed to back aches because of sitting for many hours. It is recommended to stand and stretch for a few minutes in-between hours. Also, this practice maintains your energy and helps prevent the afternoon slump.

The back pain and leg spasms are often caused by straining of the lower back. The best way to treat back muscle strain is to do some massage or physiotherapy. If you find stretching between the working hours challenging, you should practice some yoga. Also, secure a good insurance cover that allows you to seek the services of a chiropractor if you need chronic back pain differential diagnosis. If it’s a severe injury, it is preferable to visit a chiropractor. One of the causes of severe lower back and hip pain is the mattress you sleep in. Before buying a mattress, consider some qualities such as firmness to ensure your back has proper support.

Swimming is also a good practice for avoiding back pain. To be on the safe side, practice at least one of these and have a painless back.


Back pain is one of the most common medical maladies that people suffer from. In fact, experts say that up to eight in 10 people will live with back pain at one point in their lives or another. In some cases, what causes back low back pain cannot be avoided — like as a result of an already existing medical condition. Otherwise, back pain is typically caused by injury, trauma, or simply not living an active lifestyle. Here are some of the most common bad habits that can cause back pain.

The Smartphone Slump
One of the bad habits that can lead to back pain is the smartphone slump, or craning your neck downward looking at a smartphone. Because of all of the capabilities that smartphones have these days like email, messaging, and internet access (you can even watch Netflix on your phone) it can be really easy to spend a few hours in this position. Try limiting your phone time and doing as much as you can on a computer and bring your phone up to your face instead of the other way around.

Poor Posture
Another bad habit that can cause low back pain and side effects of lower back pain is bad posture, while sitting and standing. You should always sit and stand with your back straight — it does have a natural slight S-curve — and comfortably. If you are sitting, your arms should hang naturally at your sides. Avoid using chairs that have armrests because they may increase your tendency to slouch to reach them.

Not Exercising
Another way of preventing lower back pain is to exercise. Not exercising is a bad habit to get into, and it can actually cause back pain or make it worse. Having strong muscles to support your frame is important and can help prevent injury and the need for treatment options. Sitting too much is one of the causes of lower back pain anyway, so for people affected by lower back pain getting up and out is important.

Are you one of the people affected by lower back pain because of one of these bad habits? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below.