Ibogaine treatment intake process

Having an addiction is a disease. It robs the addict of the person they are and leaves an empty shell of a human in its stead, just eager for the next hit. If you are struggling with addiction, you might find that your own will power isn’t enough to get the monkey off your back. This is nothing to be ashamed of; will power is seldom successful against addition. This is particularly true if your substance of choice comes with physical withdrawals during detox, such as alcohol addiction or cocaine addiction. You might find that a drug treatment facility is what you need to have a fighting chance against your addiction.

Getting into a program is the first step in the road to recovery, but you still have a journey ahead of you. You’ll get what you put into your drug treatment program. You need to be committed to recovery. You need to committed to showing up every day, even when your brain is consumed with the substance of your addition. You need to get back up and keep going when you fall down. Every day is a battle, but your drug treatment program will be very valuable in your path to recovery, if you let it. Here are a few steps to making your drug treatment program successful.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Drug Treatment Program

  1. Go in with an open mind.

    Addiction is a class-less disease. Your drug treatment program is going to include people of all walks of life, belief systems, values, and lifestyles. Your program facilitator is going to crack open subjects that you might not want to talk about, especially since the thoughts and feelings that led you to your addiction and trigger your need for it are likely painful to talk about. It might be hard to accept the point-of-view of the other participants in the program if you are set in your own perspective.

    However, opening your mind to new perspectives and ways to approach a situation could be the success factor you need to get you out of the rut that leads you back to your addiction over and over and helps you beat your addiction.

  2. Interact with the other people in your program.

    Your drug treatment program will likely include group sessions. After you graduate from your program, your facilitator is probably going to encourage you to stay involved in group meetings to maintain your sobriety. Establishing meaningful relationships with other people who are on the path to recovery is incredibly valuable on your journey to staying sober. However, you are only able to make meaningful connections with the people who might be the single reason you stay clean in your darkest hour is only possible if you open yourself up to it.

    It might make you feel uncomfortable to speak up at group meetings. It might be painful to open the wounds that led you to your addiction. It puts you in a vulnerable position to be honest about your struggles. But through your transparency, you create a community of cheerleaders who help you stay successful in your path to recovery. It’s painful, but it’s a very important part of being successful in a drug treatment program.

    It’s also possible that your addiction was caused by and in turn caused a trail of broken relationships. You might struggle to have meaningful connections with other peoples because of the experiences you’ve had in. You’ve probably been hurt in your past. You’ve probably hurt people who you love. You might have burned bridges. You might struggle to create healthy connections with other people. Getting involved with other people in your drug treatment program will help you learn trust and honesty, and communications. This are all principals that are important for having healthy relationships.

  3. Follow your drug program’s guidelines.

    This might go without saying. You aren’t going to be successful in drug treatment if you’re running a scam on the side. Even if the rules that you’re breaking don’t directly apply to staying clean, once you’ve disregarded any part of the program, it is easy to disregard all of them. You’ll achieve the greatest success by taking your drug treatment as a package deal, and following it with all your might.

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