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Family & urgent care centers offer a way for people to get care for acute issues when their PCP is not available. This video explains what urgent care is and when to go to an urgent care center.

Urgent care deals with urgent medical needs that aren’t yet emergencies. They are most convenient for after-hours when your primary care doctor’s office may be closed.

Urgent care centers offer robust teams of medical professionals who can handle a variety of medical problems. They can handle lacerations or abrasions, eye problems, broken bones, minor burns, the flu, stomach bugs, skin infections, and more.

But when do you need to go to urgent care? Elderly individuals should plan on going straight to an emergency room for urgent medical problems, but younger individuals experiencing fevers, headaches, dizziness, or nausea can all go to an urgent care center near them.

If you have injuries like a sprain, torn muscle, minor wounds that require stitches, UTIs, or need an x-ray, you can also go to urgent care. If you are experiencing severe pain, go to an emergency room, instead.

Find an urgent care center near you to best plan for when you experience medical problems. For more information, click on the link to the video above.