Online diagnosis and prescription

One in five women will develop a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. Some such infections can be cleared with at home treatments, but this painful and inconvenient condition can benefit from an online diagnosis and prescription service. Online doctor prescription sites can allow access to medical care without the needed hassle of making and waiting for an appointment with a physician.

The wait times for urgent care clinics and emergency rooms can be hours. With an online physician a patient can be seen almost immediately and the consultation for an online doctor prescription usually takes less than an hour. Studies have shown that seeing a virtual doctor can be as effective as seeing a doctor in person.

Online doctor prescriptions can be used for treatments of a wide variety of ailments. An online doctor consultation can help people who are not getting enough sleep, have chronic conditions or have developed a sudden injury. Online consultations may even be able to assist those who have strained, stretched or torn muscles or tendons. An online consultation may also provide patients with an idea of when to seek further medical care. For more information see this: