This video from Nurse Blake talks about the different types of nursing jobs that are available to certified nurses. Most people think of nursing jobs as the side of the bed in the hospital type jobs, but this video changes what you may think about nursing work.

If you are a nurse, or in nursing school, this video will help you to better understand all the opportunities that are available in this field. Bedside care or working in a hospital is not the only place you can focus your career.

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Nurses provide a wide range of care in a wide range of settings but providing care is not all a nurse can do in their career. There is a whole range of opportunities that can fit your career goals and your interests. This video provides you with some new ideas about what a nurse can do with their career and some unique places you can find yourself working in.

Any nurse that is looking for a career shift or any student that is getting ready to graduate should watch this video to learn more about nursing career options.