When a child needs to go to eye doctors, whether for a routine eye exam or to diagnose a particular issue, the child may be scared, especially if it is their first time visiting the eye doctor. Not knowing what to expect can create unknowns in the child’s mind that are scary. That’s why it’s important to keep them informed before, during, and after the appointment.

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In this video, you will learn what a child can expect while visiting the eye doctor so that your own child does not need to worry.

The video will show you the different kinds of tests that the doctor will perform on your child and also explain why these tests need to be done. For example, the doctor will test your child’s vision by having them read different letters of varying sizes. This will let the doctor know how good the child’s vision is. You will also get to see how the doctor makes the appointment child-friendly, such as showing cute videos that will help keep the child calm during the exam.