Physical therapy is an essential treatment for people with diseases or injuries that limit their functional mobility. It can also come in handy for active individuals – athletes or exercise enthusiasts – suffering from persistent pains and aches. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what to expect from a physical therapy session when visiting a therapist for the first time. This video explains what you should expect on your first visit.

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The first physical therapy session is very friendly. It involves an evaluation of the patient’s condition, after which the therapist creates a treatment plan. The patient will also set the goals – with the help of their therapist – which they hope to achieve.

After the first session, a physical therapist will schedule regular sessions for the patient. These sessions are crucial as they help alleviate pain and aid in the faster restoration of mobility. Besides the regular sessions, a therapist will also assign home exercises, which help accelerate the recovery.

Attending physical therapy sessions can be nerve-wracking if a person has no idea what to expect. However, after the first few sessions, the body adapts to the sessions, and the results are worth it.