Being a medical assistant is no easy job. In addition to several years of schooling, MAs need to takes on a plethora of different jobs on any given day. The high-pressure fast-paced work environment of medical care is not something just anybody can handle, and medical assistants are some of the strongest and most crucial members of the workforce. As a medical assistant, you have plenty of options on where you want to work. With the pandemic still in effect, there is an intense demand for more MAs all over the country.

Video Source

In this video, one medical assistant shines a light on what it is like to work in a family care practice versus other medical environments.

Clearly, a family care practice has a lot more variety in patient age than a traditional doctor’s office. You can be handling newborns to seniors, and you need to know what to do for all of them. In addition, a family care practice is always busy. With so many patients, you will quickly learn what is expected of your job. In fact, a lot of family practices do cardiology, gynecology, and even dermatology. You will expand your knowledge quite a bit, so a family practice is recommended for new medical assistants.