Patient lifts for home use

America is a very large country. We have a large number of people and we cover a great deal of ground. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 had made the entire country more aware of just how many people suffer from disabilities in this country and what we need to do to make our country accessible everywhere.

There are approximately 53 million Americans living with a disability. According to a recent study, the most common disability has to do with some kind of limitation to a person’s ability to move. Mobility issues are a constant concern for many. Almost 7 million people use some kind of assistive devices to help them with their mobility.

Handicap accessible laws and accessibility standards have made it easier for mobility devices to be used and better technology has continued to allow for greater innovation in things like wheelchair ramps for stairs and wheelchair lifts for vans. All of these innovations have improved the lives of those with disabilities due to many different causes as well as for older adults who are trying to stay independent for as long as they can.

The AARP and the National Conference of State Legislatures has reported that 90% of people over the age of 65 want to live in their homes for as long as they possibly can. They do not want to give up their independence even when their mobility might be compromised. With wheelchair lifts for vans, it can be rather simple for an older person to maneuver themselves into a van and be able to drive themselves if they can manage to do so.

There are many wonderful things about the technology that is revolutionizing wheelchair lifts for vans. The speed with which they move, the accuracy of the controls, and the ability to lift a great deal of weight and transport it from a wheelchair into a van have been some of the most amazing developments in the world of lifts.

If you are an able bodied person who can drive, then you already know what it feels like to have the type of freedom that driving can give you. If you have a mobility issue, it shouldn’t stop you from desiring the ability to travel and have as much freedom as you can. Wheelchair lifts for vans are taking people places.