Doctors urgent care

Everyone knows that it’s cold and flu season, and even with tons of vitamin C, hydration, and sanitizing spray it can still hit you when you least expect it. When you are feeling the scratch in your throat that may turn into something more it’s important to not wait too long to see a doctor. Especially with the particular flu strain that is going around this season, in order to beat it you will need to get antibiotics quickly. One of the best places to go in those situations is an urgent care. Below are a few quick facts about urgent care clinics and how they can help you:

Availability – In the United States today there are over 20,000 doctors practicing urgent care medicine today. What that means for you, the patient, is that you will not have to worry about waiting days to see a physician and get medication. In fact, 85 percent of all urgent care clinics are actually open seven days a week! This is especially helpful when it comes to having children that are sick. Being able to know that when you take the kiddos out of school you can head straight to the doctor’s office is a great stress reliever.

Varieties of Treatment – There is a huge myth about urgent care clinics only being able to treat small illnesses like sore throats or allergies. That is absolutely not true. Although the most common diagnosis in an urgent care is an upper respiratory condition, most urgent care clinics also provide things like fracture care, sprain care and sports injury care. If you are unsure if the injury or illness you’ve sustained can be handled by your local urgent care then just make a quick phone call to find out. You may be surprised!

Benefits – The benefits of visiting urgent cares are endless. Not only are the hours better and the varieties of treatment vast, but you will most likely pay less at an urgent care than you would at an emergency room. Urgent cares are also beneficial when you don’t have the time to research and find a primary care physician if you have recently moved or changed doctors. Ask your friends and family for recommendations if you aren’t sure of which urgent care you go to in your area.

The next time you are are not feeling well or have a sudden injury, consider visiting an urgent care rather than the hospital. You may be surprised at how different your experience is. You will likely wait for less time, pay less money, and be able to get over your illness quicker than otherwise.