Local emergency clinics are essential for taking care of medical emergencies. Do you know when it’s time to visit one? This video will teach you!

The first thing the video will explain is the difference between an emergency room and urgent care. The emergency room (ER) is for life-threatening emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, and serious accidents.

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(Such as someone nearly bleeding to death.) Urgent care is anything that is not life-threatening but seriously damages the quality of life. This would be sprains, infections, hives, and general aches.

Because emergency rooms deal with life and death situations, they practice triage and serve patients based on the severity of the case. The wait time may be fairly long and it can be costly. If there isn’t a life at stake at the moment, you may be better off at an urgent care clinic. It’s less expensive and there’s a shorter wait time.

Do you have a primary care provider? If so, they may be the person to go to if it is not an immediate emergency. In any case, ThedaCare.org will provide the answers to any further questions you may have and help you find the help available in your area.