Visiting the hospital in cases where there is a medical emergency is a smart and effective way to get the right type of care. However, where you go for smaller ailments such as a common cough and cold is also important.

While you may have a plan for those times when you need medical care immediately, there are also benefits to having a doctor that you see on a regular basis, such as someone who has completed a family practice residency. Family medicine doctors are a great option to help with your more day to day medical needs. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider finding the best family doctor for you.

Get to Know Your Personal and Family History

The great thing about family practice doctors is that they get to know more about you and your family as you move through your life cycle. For example, if you tell your doctor that you have been having trouble sleeping and they already know that insomnia runs in your family, they can diagnose you quickly and move onto your treatment.

Having the same doctor as you move through your life is also helpful if you have children because your family doctor will know to look out for things that could have been passed on to them, such as anxiety, addiction to alcohol, ADD and insomnia. Using someone who is well versed in you and your family’s medical history allows for a higher quality in medical treatment.

Capable of Treating More than You Realize

Just because these doctors are not working in a hospital does not mean that they are incapable of doing more than the yearly check up. Family practice physicians must complete an undergraduate degree, medical school, and complete a family practice residency.

The time that they spend in a family practice residency allows them to understand the needs of the patients that they will be seeing and put their practical training to use. This means that a family practice doctor is capable of helping manage chronic conditions such as heart disease or helping you get an emotional support animal.

Connect You with Outside Help when Necessary

As capable as a family practice physician is, there will be times when you require help from an outside source such as a specialist. Even though your family doctor cannot treat you directly, they are able to help connect you with the right person for your specific needs.

Given their schooling and experience in a family practice residency, family doctors are great at helping keep you healthy on a daily basis. If you are looking for a better way to get primary care, consider finding a family doctor to look after you and your loved ones.