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All chiropractors use a variety of chiropractic techniques to improve the alignment and overall health of the musculoskeletal system. They commonly treat people after car accidents and other traumatic injuries, as well as providing ongoing care for chronic pain. Often, people come to the chiropractor for neck pain or back pain, but chiropractors can treat conditions such as arthritis and frequent headaches, too.

Most chiropractors use similar techniques. There are, however, a few subspecialties of chiropractic practice that can be helpful to understand. One of these is sports chiropractic. If you didn’t know this kind of chiropractic care existed, here’s some information to get you started:

What Sports Chiropractors Know and Do

Some, but not all, sports chiropractors have additional training and certifications. Regardless, they possess specialized knowledge of common sports injuries and effective treatment. Because they understand the intricacies of body mechanics, they know where on the body manipulations and massage will be the most helpful. But they also coordinate with other healthcare providers to create ongoing care plans that go beyond chiropractic treatment.

How Sports Chiropractors Benefit Athletes

There are several reasons a sports specialist is the best chiropractor to treat athletes. The first is that he or she understands the desire athletes have to get back on the field (or track, court, etc.) as quickly as possible. Sports chiropractors will often prioritize quick pain relief to allow athletes to resume normal activities. Because they work with athletes frequently, they’re more likely to quickly assess problems and provide solutions that take fewer visits than chiropractors without sports experience. But that doesn’t mean they’ll ignore long-term care. Sports chiropractors also work with their patients on both treatment and training goals, working to improve overall health and take preventive steps so that injuries won’t persist or worsen.

Did you think chiropractors were just back pain specialists, or did you already know about the breadth of chiropractic care? Discuss in the comments.

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