Teen braces are one of those parts of life that aren’t fun, but are necessary. Braces correct your smile to give you the best smile possible. This will make you more approachable for some and you may find more opportunities in life. However, getting to this point can be difficult.

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Braces can be uncomfortable after adjustments and they can prohibit you from eating certain foods. Yet, there are some incredible tips to help you get through this difficult time. In this video, you will learn about a few of these tips.

The first tip is to take Tylenol if your jaw is sore after having your braces adjusted. Some people reach for the Aspirin assuming that it will do the same thing. However, it will actually make things worse by reducing the swelling. This will actually slow the healing process and draw out your symptoms. This is why Tylenol is the better choice for people with braces.

Flossing can be a hassle with braces. The wires and brackets make it nearly possible to get some food unstuck with traditional flossers. Thankfully, there are special floss designed specifically for braces, Consider picking up this floss next time you are at the store.