The Amazing History of Medicine

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Long before the first urgent care center or hospital opened its doors, humankind had doctors. Today, a doctor, whether in a walk in clinic, a private office, or a big hospital, goes through a lot of training to get there. The history of medicine is among the most varied and interesting you’ll ever find. Read on to learn more about the history of medicine and the doctors who administer it.

Early Days

We don’t know much about what happened in prehistory and it can be hard to interpret what was going on in the days before things were written down.… Read More...

When To Visit An Urgent Care Clinic

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Everyone knows that it’s cold and flu season, and even with tons of vitamin C, hydration, and sanitizing spray it can still hit you when you least expect it. When you are feeling the scratch in your throat that may turn into something more it’s important to not wait too long to see a doctor. Especially with the particular flu strain that is going around this season, in order to beat it you will need to get antibiotics quickly. One of the best places to go in those situations is an urgent care.… Read More...

Penis Pumps For a Legitimate Condition

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Why do you need a penis pump?

The answer might harder than you think.

Penis pumps are a tool used to make a penis harder. They do this by creating an air-tight vacuum that is slowly pumped full of air. This air causes pressure to rise in the encasing, thereby increasing the blood flow to the penis. The pressure also increases the constriction on the blood veins, causing more to flow into the body of the penis.

It seems like a situation rife for comedy.…


3 Situations That Benefit From Occupational Therapy

Updated: 2/9/2022

Do you need help turning your backyard into an outdoor living space you and your friends and family can enjoy? Do you need assistance planning out new stone patio installations and upgrades for your home? Do you need some help getting ideas for backyard furniture design ideas that will make your space more comfortable and inviting? Any and all help and guidance you need for your outdoor patio area can be found with your local construction contractors.

These experts can help you every step of the way from designing to installing to maintaining your perfect patio area.… Read More...

3 Reasons to Strongly Consider Taking an STD Test

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Many people throughout the world are sexually active. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know which partners you’re encountering that have diseases transmitted through previous bouts of intercourse. There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs that are passed from person to person. Making matters worse, someone can live with these types of diseases for years without knowing something is wrong. With that in mind, here are three benefits of undergoing STD testing procedures.

  1. Increased Peace of Mind for Yourself and Your Partners

    It’s important to be honest with yourself and any partners you’ve been with in the past.

It Is Easy to Worry When Your Child Is Ill or Injured

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Why is it that things never go quite as you planned them?
After months of planning for a family reunion, your daughter wakes up with a fever the night before the big get together. The morning before you are supposed to leave on a two weeks vacation, your son announces that his throat hurts so bad you can hardly swallow. The one meet when all of your family comes to watch gymnastics, your daughter rolls her ankle while she is warming up.… Read More...