How to Become a Wellness Enthusiast

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a way to accomplish more of your goals while ultimately, living longer. If you are committed to eating healthier, exercising more, and making more mindful decisions, you may be well on your way to becoming a wellness enthusiast. Learning how to become a wellness enthusiast does not require an advanced academic degree as much as it requires the dedication to truly take your health and wellness seriously in the present and well beyond into your future.… Read More...


When to Visit Local Emergency Clinics

Local emergency clinics are essential for taking care of medical emergencies. Do you know when it’s time to visit one? This video will teach you!

The first thing the video will explain is the difference between an emergency room and urgent care. The emergency room (ER) is for life-threatening emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, and serious accidents.

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(Such as someone nearly bleeding to death.) Urgent care is anything that is not life-threatening but seriously damages the quality of life.… Read More...