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Summer is upon us, which means that most of us will be spending a lot more time being active outside. While this is almost always given a thumbs up by doctors and other health professionals, it’s not without risks. Below are some common summer injuries and advice on when to seek medical help for them:
1. Bumps, Bruises, and Sprains
Why they’re common: Being more active means you’re forcing your body into all kinds of compromising positions. (We saw a game of beach volleyball last week that looked like it should have had top doctors standing by with gauze pads and abrasion kits). Chances are you’ll face some sort of minor injury and even a sprain or two this sporting season.
When home care is enough: Generally if pain is not especially excessive or if the swollen area starts going down after a few Advil and some elevation, you should be fine. More than 80% of sprained ankles happen because our ankle experiences inversion, for example, so long as you don’t inwardly roll your ankle soon after you do it the first time, your body will probably heal itself.
When to seek out a clinic: You should seek medical help if the ailing area is excessively painful OR numb, stays swollen, can’t be walked on after a couple of days, or is extremely discolored. This might mean a severe sprain or a breakage, something you’ll want looked at sooner rather than later.
2. Bug bites, Heat Rashes, and Other Red Bumps
Why they’re common: Come on, it’s summer! That’s prime bug breeding season! The ticks, mosquitos, ants, house centipedes, fleas, and bed bugs are out in full force, so be on your guard.
When home care is enough: If your bite fades and is less painful/itchy after a couple of days, you’re probably in the clear.
When to seek out a clinic: If you find a tick on you and you think it’s been there for more than a few hours, then go to a clinic immediately and get the antibiotic prophylaxis to Lyme’s disease, especially if you’re in an area with a high rate of Lyme’s infection. Also, if you begin to experience flu-like symptoms soon after a bite or the site of the bite becomes excessively irritated, swollen, red, or infected-looking, you should seek medical attention.
3. Sunburn
Why it’s common: Most of us in this day and age know that we SHOULD put on sunblock. But often we’re so concentrated on getting the perfect tan or playing outdoor games with our friends, that we neglect this vital health move. This can be especially dangerous in the summer, when the sun is hotter and more dangerous than ever.
When home care is enough: If you slap some aloe on your sunscreen and it’s less painful and red after a day or two, chalk it up to a learning experience.
When to seek out a clinic: If skin cancer runs in your family and/or you have a lot of moles, it’s best to visit a dermatologist after a bad sunburn, just to make sure nothing’s changed on your body. Also, if a mole or mark on your body has newly appeared or an old one has changed, seek out medical help as soon as possible.
4. Dizziness
Why it’s common: We tend to not drink enough water as a society in general, and when you couple chronic dehydration with a lot of hot weather, people are liable to get a little lightheaded.
When home care is enough: If you feel better after a nap and some Gatorade, you’re probably fine.
When to seek out a clinic: If you’re dizzy for a long period of time or repeatedly, it’s good to get checked out. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone; dizziness is the second most common complaint in medical centers, and millions of people visit urgent care centers alone every week.