veterinary equipmentJust as we invest proper care in ourselves by choosing a reputable doctor, it is equally important to choose a great veterinarian for your pet. After all, 62% of American households own a pet, breaking down to 46.3 million with dogs and 38.9 million owning cats.

Vets are a great resource to have as our furry friends cannot communicate with us to tell us what is bothering them. But before you get your animal on that veterinary exam table, here are some things your veterinarian would like you to know.

1. Annual visits for them are just as important for you!
Just like a human can develop heart disease, diabetes, or even trivial toothaches, your pet can, too! It is vital to visit your vet every year to catch these symptoms early and prevent them from getting too out of hand. They will also keep track of your pet’s weight, vaccinations, and overall health.

2. Spay and neuter please
So many abandoned animals end up at shelters every year. Experts predict this number can amount to anywhere between eight to 10 million annually, and the single best way to prevent this is to spay and neuter your animal. This can be done at the earliest six weeks old, and can also prevent certain cancers from forming.

3.Keep track of fleas
Fleas and other parasites are seen on many animals. Year round prevention is crucial so your animal doesn’t develop hot spots or allergies. If your pet swallows just one flea, this can lead to a dangerous tapeworm parasite which can be fatal. Constantly checking is a great way to prevent these little guys from attacking your pet!

4. Microchip your pet
It is every owner’s worst nightmare when their pet goes missing. But if you microchip them, you can breathe easy as the ID embedded in your pet will bring him back to you no matter how far away you are!

If you are a veterinarian, it is best to invest in the best veterinary equipment so you can treat your patients efficiently. Buying used medical equipment or refurbished veterinary equipment will save you the cost of expensive items, but will give you the quality you are looking for. From veterinary exam tables to veterinary autoclaves, DP Health is the place to go for all your refurbished equipment needs!