therapyWhen a marriage seems to be fraying at the edges, marriage counseling could be a compassionate, healing method to repair what has been broken. Much like individual therapy, couple’s therapy is a communications-based approach aimed at finding the root of specific problems. Considering it as an option? Perhaps these four proven benefits will aid your decision.

The Stats Are On Your Side
Research shows that the majority of partners who attempt couples therapy end up restoring their marriages. According to the Chicago for Emotionally Focused Therapy, half of couples who underwent Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy came out successful. This success rate jumps to 70% after the first three months.

In survey by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, over 98% of couples who attended therapy together received “good or excellent help,” with 97% of couples reporting to have received “the help they needed.”

Communications Lines Will Open
According to Psychology Today, therapists specializing in couples counseling can help clients discover effective and individualized communication strategies. Couples can also learn active and empathetic listening skills. By learning how to speak to each other in an understanding manner, partners can be prepared to reduce conflict rather than inflame it.

Change Your View, Change Your Relationship
Sometimes all you need is a shift in your point of view. A marriage counselor can help facilitate this, says William Doherty, a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota.

“We don’t see our relationships and ourselves objectively,” he says. “Most people are far more aware of how their partner is contributing to the problems in the relationship than they are. When we can’t ‘fix’ ourselves, sometimes we need a third party’s perspective.”

In this case, a couples counselor will bring this third-party perspective in order to facilitate more objective understanding.

Your Life Can Improve in General
This form of therapy will not only contribute to a healthier marriage but potentially to a healthier life. In a study in which 93% of patients said they felt more prepared to handle their problems following their sessions with a marriage or family therapist, respondents also claimed to have experienced heightened physical health and improved general function.

With these benefits in mind, consider talking with your partner about marriage counseling as a healing option and alternative to divorce. Marital tensions do not have to be alleviated independently. Couples therapy professionals are trained to gently facilitate productive discussions, and build strategies, to strengthen the relationships of their clients going forward.