Inpatient mental health facility

One of the saddest and increasingly diagnosed diseases in today’s modern society is one that robs a person of something none should be able to touch. Memories remain something we think we can keep locked away and safe in our minds, able to recall the good times in our life and attempting to forget the bad times. Memories and what we learn from them are what makes us who we are. Which is why the diseases of dementia and Alzheimer’s are so sad. This makes finding effective treatment and cures for these diseases all the more important.

With the number of dementia cases projected to triple by 2050, and every 4 seconds leading to a new case, psychiatric doctors are determined to slow and, perhaps even one day, cure this degenerative disease. Alzheimers disease is another problem on the rise, with every 67 seconds leading to a new person developing the condition. Geriatric neuropsychiatry focuses on diagnosing and treatment of both diseases through a variety of methods. Neuropsychiatric programs focus on therapy to combat the disease and extend a person’s memory, thought methods of reminiscence therapy, music therapy and neuropsychiatric evaluations.

In some cases, inpatient mentalhealth facilities may be considered, to better care and treat someone with dementia or Alzheimers disease. This allows for the patient to be monitored more closely and to decide which treatment would be best for them. Psychiatric doctors who are trained to handle these issues do so with extreme compassion and care for every one of their patients, doing everything they can to extend their quality of living for as long as they can.

Research into the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is constant. Currently, research has progressed to a point where the focus has left how to treat the symptoms and instead is on the cause of the diseases. With this, they are researching and testing many intervention methods that they hope will one day lead to the slowing down or even cure of these two devastating conditions.

It’s an incredibly sad thing to go through, whether you are the one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or are close to someone who has it. Looking in to proper care and treatment for them may lessen the burden of a disease that constantly reminds us of one thing. Memories are precious.