Emergency services

Urgent care centers and health services are on the rise in America, with approximately 9,300 standalone walk-in clinics already in the country and 50 to 100 new spaces opening every year. But of course, not all centers are created equally. How can you know whether you’re getting the best urgent care you can find? Here are five signs that you’re getting quality care.

  1. Excellent Customer Service
    From the receptionist to the doctor to the waiting room itself, you want to feel comfortable in whatever urgent care clinic you choose. The staff should be knowledgeable and informative when it comes to insurance information, treatments and services provided, and hours of availability.
  2. Technology and Equipment
    The best urgent care centers should have facilities and equipment available to rival that of any ER. Ask about X-rays, diagnostic imaging, and any other services that might be important to your care.
  3. Continuity and Convenience
    While 97% or urgent care centers are open seven days a week and 99% of those are open for four or more hours every day, the important part is that you can find regular care — not just emergency services — at your local center. Establish a relationship with your doctor so that you can feel comfortable going back time and again.
  4. Kid-Friendly
    Got little ones running around? You want to know where the best urgent care for kids can be found, too. Don’t wait until an accident happens to find out which centers cater to pediatric care or common childhood injuries like fractures or concussions.
  5. Local Connections
    Even the best urgent care center can’t cater to every single kind of medical service. Make sure that yours is well-connected with other facilities and specialists, just in case you require a referral or extra information elsewhere.

When it comes to healthcare, it’s best to always be prepared. In addition to regular check-ups and screenings, you never know when an emergency might pop up. Familiarize yourself with the available urgent care centers in your neighborhood so that you can rest assured that your health — and the health of your entire family — will be in good hands.