In this video, you will learn about well child visits. The pedestrian in the video gives her advice on well child checkups. Well child visits begin as very frequent in their first year of life.

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This is to establish a routine and to make sure your child is developing as expected. Once kids are about three years old, child checkups become annual. This is because the child is developing less quickly. The pace of development sort of slows down once they hit three years old. There are a few key things that pediatricians look at in a well child checkup. They look at growth and development, family history, overall wellbeing. As children get older, the visits become more personable. Talks about emotions, school, and nutrition come into play. Height and weight measurements tell the pediatrician that your child is getting an adequate amount of nutrition. In the first year to year and a half of life, tracking milestones is very important. Such as, baby’s first steps, crawling, talking, sitting up on their own, and others. There are children who have delays in their weight gain and growth. This can be caused by a lot of different factors and does not always mean that there is something wrong.