In this video you will learn important tips for staying safe in the sun in order to ensure your skin protection. These tips are especially important if you suffer from skin conditions or if you’re at a higher risk for skin cancer, and will help you learn if you are included in that higher risk. It also includes information specific to children and infants.

Some of the things you can do to protect yourself are keeping your skin out of the sun, whether by staying in the shade or wearing long sleeves and pants. You can also wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, as they offer direct skin protection.

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The video will walk you through the different types of sunscreen to help you choose the kind that will be the most effective for you, as well as how to use it correctly, including things to look for in the directions on the bottle. It goes over such things as chemical vs physical sunscreen and SPF. Watching this video will ensure you have all the information you need to keep your skin safe while out in the sun.