Analog hearing aids are no longer in use today and the companies that used to make them went out of business. Digital hearing aids are quite more advanced than analog-digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids have about 115 adjustments that are done by the computer.

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You can also use your iPhone or iPad.

Benefits of Using Digital Hearing Aids
(i) Amplifying Sound
A digital hearing aid will selectively amplify sound by filtering any background or unnecessary noise and amplifying the sound that you need to hear.

(ii) No Whining Sound
Digital hearing aids have the ability to remove feedback sound which was a major challenge for the analog hearing aids. You cannot hear any whining sounds from a digital hearing aid.

(iii) Automatic
A digital hearing aid will automatically adjust its sound in response to the environment. For instance, if you move from a quiet place to a noisy street, these hearing aids will adjust the volume automatically.

(iv) Quality Sound
Digital hearing aids produce crispy clear sound as compared to analog-digital hearing aids. They also have directional microphones that only pick the sound in front of the user.
This digital age calls for digital hearing aids.