You may think that a cavity is not a big deal. However, your oral health can say a lot about your overall health. In fact, it is all connected. For example, gum disease contributes to heart disease in a big way. This is because plaque buildup can become dislodges and swallowed with food.

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When digested, it acts as a giant chuck of artery-clogging fat. You can also think of oral health as being an indicator of how well you take care of yourself. If you are not taking care of yourself well enough, one of the first indicators you will see is a lack of oral hygiene. In this video, you will learn how to improve your oral health and prevent cavities.

One of the most common dental issues in the United states is gum disease. Symptoms include swollen gums, irritated gums, or bleeding gums. If you have these symptoms, please consider seeing a dentist about gum disease treatment. Further, make sure that you are brushing your gums every morning and night. It is common for people to forget this step. Also consider using fluoride rinse before bed. Lastly, regularly scheduled dentist appoints can keep you on track to meet your oral health goals.