Only about 5% of people wash their hands for 15 seconds or more. If you are someone that does not properly wash your hands then chances are that you will carry around germs with you until washing your hands later. Therefore, you can go to a daycare and spread germs that are seriously dangerous to the children. They do not have strong immune systems and thus, a minor cold is much more serious than you would think! Now, clean daycare are a big need for many families.

The Center for Disease Control recommends 15 to 20 seconds of vigorous hand washing with soap and water to effectively kill germs. Therefore, it is imperative for parents and all people to adopt this type of daily lifestyle habit. If not, then children can be exposed to dangerous bacteria that is harmful. Here are all of the facts on clean daycare information and more!

Germ And Bacteria Are Dangerous For Children

Daycare cleaning can make a serious difference when it comes to protecting children from dangerous germs and bacteria. If you think that a clean restaurant is important then you should think that a daycare needs to be clean as well. After all, eating from a restaurant that is unclean is just as dangerous as dropping off children at a daycare that is incredibly dirty.

Restaurant bacteria is not good for anyone involved and that is why restaurant cleaning is so important. As a result, it is easy to understand why areas in which children are playing need to be kept clean. A child can get seriously sick from a dirty daycare the same way that a parent or random person can get sick eating a dirty restaurant. Consequently, almost anyone can understand the true value of a clean daycare.

A clean daycare can help protect people from any types of colds and sicknesses. The average child catches between six and 10 colds a year. Colds may not seem like a big deal to parents but children can legitimately suffer from a cold in a way that adults do not. This is because their immune system has yet to fully develop for everyone involved.

Every year, Americans get approximately 1 billion colds. Flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours. If a cold is dangerous for a child then you can definitely understand how dangerous a flu is for a child. Make sure you get your child into a clean daycare!

Clean Daycares Can Protect Children From Danger

MRSA is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. About 2% of the population carries MRSA. This is the type of infection that is kept out of a clean daycare. This is due to intense cleaning and high-end sanitization work that tries to keep young children away from all types of dangerous infections and more.

Anyone looking to give their child a clean and safe area needs to check out the local daycare that is clean. Take time to look at reviews and more so that you can get the best type of fit for your child. Plus, it helps keep everyone involved safe and in great health as well!

According to the Center for Disease Control, 22 million school days are lost annually in the United States because of the common cold. If this can take the random school child out of school then it is understandable why you must find a good daycare near your home that is kept clean and safe.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are so many parents that must find out where they want to keep their children while they are at work. Some parents will decide to just have a nanny come and watch children but that is not always the case. Some parents need a place where they can take their kid to a clean daycare where they can leave them for the day. If you are on of the latter parents, then you are not alone. So take some time to find a great daycare for your needs!